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Rapid Weight Loss Centers Announce The Grand Opening of Their New Center In Florence, SC

Quick_Weight_Loss_Florence_SC._New_locationRapid Weight Loss Centers is proud to announce the opening of their new improved center in Florence, SC. The new center is located at 707 S Parker Drive, Florence, SC and is set to replace the existing center due to an overwhelming demand for more space and upgraded facilities.

The new center will be in excess of 5,500 square feet and is fully equipped.  The center will provide patient educational seminars; feature a fully serviced medispa and a newly designed ladies only fitness center.

Rapid weight loss centers, were founded Dr. Kevin Sattele. Originally launched for weight loss Florence, he followed this up with the opening of weight loss Myrtle Beach and a center in Hartsville.

The Grand Opening is due to launch at 10 am on January 21st, 2012 and lasts until 4pm, you can get more information by telephone (843) 536 –1096  or email at

How to Burn Off Post-Holiday Weight Gain

HolidayOne of the difficulties with post-holiday weight gain is that it happens to come about in the middle of winter.

This is not an inspiring time to get out and move.

The weather is often cold and wet, and the mornings and evenings are dark. It's tempting just to hibernate and wait until spring to get in shape.

The trouble is that excess weight may get harder to lose the longer it's on, and you might get used to it. So take advantage of the timing - it may be the middle of winter, but it's a new year, and that's a good time for a healthy weight loss program. Here are some tips for burning off that holiday weight.

New Year’s Resolution: How to Start a Fitness Regimen You Can Stick With

Fitness_classIf you’re hoping to make some healthy changes beginning January 1, you’re not alone.

Losing weight and getting healthy rank in the top five New Year’s Resolutions each year.

This year, why not try some of these suggestions for how to start a fitness regimen you can stick with?...

How to Prevent Your Weight from Going Up This Holiday Season...

Watch_What_You_EatHoliday weight gain is often accepted as part of the season.

Depending on what holidays you celebrate, the high-calorie treats can start at the end of October and go through to Valentine's Day!

But if you implement a few smart eating strategies and regular exercise to your holiday routine, weight gain does not have to be inevitable.

Keep reading now as I share with you some tips for avoiding weight gain this holiday season...

Keep Colds and Flu at Bay This Winter

natural_cold_remediesNo one wants to get a cold or the flu this winter.

As the season comes upon us, many people want to prevent these annoying illnesses from taking hold.

While there is no magic formula to prevent all illness, there are some things you can do to lower your risk of contracting colds and flu.

Here are some tips...

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