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Tips for Starting a Weight Loss Program


Maintaining a healthy weight is a concept that involves your overall health, lifestyle, routines, diet and emotional state.  It is not about attaining the weight celebrities and advertisements imply you should be or the look people at your gym aspire to. 

It is about you. 

Every person is different and every body is different.  What is healthy for one person may not be the right formula for another. 

The goals you set around weight should be about helping you be the strongest and healthiest person you can be.  Great. That makes it sound easy, right?  But if you are just starting to think about your weight loss plan, it’s difficult to know where to start.

Why Choose a Physician Supervised Weight Loss Program?


There are a lot of weight loss programs out there that make all sorts of lofty claims. The reality is that losing weight in a healthy way and maintaining your weight long-term are commitments that requires focus and dedication. To make the process easier, I advocate taking a team approach with a physician or healthcare provider. So when looking for a program, choosing one that offers physician supervision can make finding your path toward a healthier weight and lifestyle a little less daunting. And you are more likely to reach your weight loss and management goals successfully. Here are 4 more reasons...

1. It Isn’t Just About Weight. Losing weight in a healthy way and maintaining that weight is about more than just dropping pounds. It is a lifestyle change. There are many facets to helping you lose weight and manage it long term -- exercise, diet, overall health, mental state, etc. Having a doctor help you figure out the right balance and a tailored path based on your current physical and mental state means you are doing what is best for your body and mind.

Breast Cancer: How to Reduce Your Risk

cancerawarenessWhile cancer is a complex illness, new research has pointed to environmental and lifestyle factors that may increase or reduce the risk of breast cancer. In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here are some tips to help reduce your risk of breast cancer.

Keep a Healthy Weight -  Obesity is associated not only with increased breast cancer risk, but also with increased risk of recurrence. This may be due, in part, to the excess estrogen and other hormonal imbalances that are associated with obesity. According to various sources, overweight, menopausal women are at the greatest risk. So a regular exercise routine and healthful diet to keep excess weight at bay are good lifestyle choices. As part of our program, we create a custom meal plan for you to follow online or on-the-go using our EZDietPlanner & Fitness Tracker™.
How to Overcome a Weight-Loss Plateau

overcome a weight loss plateau - weight loss south carollinaAs a nation, more and more people today are trying to get healthier. For many, that includes lowering their body weight. But, it’s not easy and you can encounter plateaus on the way.

Why Plateaus Occur...
The body is a machine. You feed it and it uses that fuel to go about its daily processes. When given the right foods, it will burn fat stores for energy. More energy out and less food intake equals a lower body weight for you.

When you first begin an exercise or dieting program, there is a caloric deficit because you are changing something. Either there is a decrease in food intake or you have a greater calorie output through exercise. In response to exercise, the body burns more calories because you are doing something new with it. The muscles are confused and need to catch up. This is good. Over time, however, the body can get used to the routine. If you are exercising, you may notice that you are no longer huffing and puffing when you perform a certain exercise. The body is predicting your routine and getting bored. It only burns the minimum calories needed which means that you are not getting as much of a benefit as you once were resulting in a plateau in your weight loss.

Here are some suggestions on how to to break through a weight loss plateau.
The Difference Between Simple and Complex Carbs


A healthy diet is important to maintain proper health and to improve our overall well-being not only for today but for years to come. One part of a wholesome diet is carbohydrates. But so many people are confused as to what a “good” carb is and what a “bad” carb is.

Carbohydrates: The purpose of carbohydrates is to provide fuel for the body. Without fuel we couldn’t move around without being tired. Some people seem to have a natural “high” but they are most likely using their carbohydrates more effectively than the rest of us.

Carbohydrates are broken down in the body into smaller substances such as glucose. These sugars are transported to the cells to be used as energy for the entire body. Adequate sources of energy mean that you are able to exercise longer, avoid hunger longer, burn fat more efficiently in the body and an entire host of other functions. Maintaining a level blood sugar level also helps prevent diabetes.

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