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Robin M
Nice, friendly, supportive staff! I have lost 51 ½ pounds and feel so much better. What I like most about Dr. Sattele's program is that I don't have to buy any "extra" things to see results. This program is the first time that I have seen results like this. Having the support of the entire staff has helped me stay encourage even on weeks I didn't see large losses.

Lost 51 ½ lbs, 35 lbs of PURE fat!

- Robin M, 30 year old female from Effingham

K. Turbeville
I would recommend this program to any and every person. The change in my self confidence is drastic with this program. The service and care I receive is phenomenal

Lost 50 lbs, 32 lbs of PURE fat!

- K. Turbeville, 28 year old female from Florence

Tom K.
I heard about this program on the radio – Star 93.7 – Kinard N Koffee. Dr. Sattele is a great motivator. It seems like I'm coming in to see friends – and I am! Everyone is friendly and seems genuinely interested in your progress.

Lost 44 lbs, 19 lbs of PURE fat in JUST 7 weeks!

- Tom K, 60 year old male from Florence

N. Lawson
Dr. Sattele's Medical Rapid Weight Loss Program has increased my energy levels significantly and I feel like I did 15 years ago. Dr. Sattele and his staff seem to truly care about me and my progress. They are my greatest cheerleaders

Lost 37 lbs, 26 lbs of PURE fat!

- N. Lawson, 46 yrs old female from Darlington

Diane F.
Over the last couple of years I had started to notice some changes in my skin and also some unmovable fatty pockets. No creams or exercise did any thing as promised (if only I had that money back). I decided to go for a consultation with 2 different plastic surgeons. Both said my only option was liposuction under my chin. I left their offices very discouraged, as I had read some horrible stories about lipo. I knew I could not bring myself to do this.

A couple of weeks later I learned about Dr. Sattele and a procedure called Mesotherapy! The more I researched it, the more I realized it was for me. I also learned of the Fraxel Skin Tightening system he offers and was so excited as I believed, after a little research, this was for me also.

I have been so happy with the results of the Mesotherapy and Skin Tightening...not to mention how happy I am with Dr. Sattele!! I am so blessed to have learned about him when I did! My 40 year class reunion took place after a few treatments of Mesotherapy on my neck and jowels and some skin tightening. I felt so good about myself and one compliment I received from a classmate validated how good the results were.

I highly recommend Dr. Sattele. I also trust him and believe he is committed to helping women like me who want to turn back some time, sun damage, and look our best without surgery at any age.

When I'm told how much younger I look than my age... I love Dr. Sattele for what he has done for me and I will use him for years to come!

- Diane F.

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