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Lose Unwanted Fat With Dr. Sattele's HCG Weight Loss Diet.


HCG Weight Loss Diet Helps South Carolina Residents Lose Unwanted Fat Fast!

If you're tired of failing with diet plan after diet plan, Dr. Sattele's HCG Weight Loss Diet, available at our centers in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Florence, South Carolina, just may be the answer you've been looking for.

Our HCG Weight Loss Diet Plan is a combination of HCG injections and our 900 calorie HCG diet plan. Those who follow our HCG diet plan report an HCG weight loss of 1-2 pounds a day! This plan works especially well for those who have been unable to lose what is known as "stubborn body fat".

To learn how the HCG Weight Loss Diet is helping South Carolina residents just like you lose unwanted fat fast, keep reading now or visit one of our Rapid Weight Loss Centers. To schedule an appointment call, 843 536-1096.

HCG Weight Loss South Carolina: Rapid Weight Loss That Lasts...

The HCG Weight Loss Diet was developed in Europe by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, who dedicated years of his work to studying obesity. He learned that the hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG, for short), was effective in increasing a person’s metabolism, providing them with a great deal of energy, and curbing their appetite. Using this knowledge, he created a synthetic hCG and injected it into several of his patients while also having them follow a low calorie diet.

It turns out that the hCG weight loss diet that evolved from Dr. Simeons work has satisfactorily allowed many people to lose stubborn body fat. People who have tried for years to lose weight have been able to quickly shed the excess fat thanks to this diet program.

At our centers, we combine the HCG injections with our 900 calorie HCG Diet Plan to help our patients quickly lose unwanted fat. In fact, patients who go through our program report a 20-30 pound weight loss in just the first month of using this plan! And our HCG weight loss diet plan can be easily followed online or on-the-go using the Body Focus EZDietPlanner & Fitness Tracker ™.  Now, following the calorie guidelines of HCG weight loss diet plan has never been easier thanks to this helpful online weight loss tool.

Schedule an HCG Weight Loss Diet Consultation At One of Our Rapid Weight Loss Centers Today!

To learn more about HCG Weight Loss, South Carolina residents can schedule a FREE Body Fat Analysis at one of our Rapid Weight Loss Centers:  In Florence, at 707 S Parker Drive, Florence, SC 29501 and in North Myrtle Beach, at 1006 6th Avenue S, Suite 1, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582. At that time, you'll also learn more about our Rapid Weight Loss Program including the EZDietPlanner & Fitness Tracker ™ as well as our body shaping programs including Zerona Body Slimming Treatments.

For directions or to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Sattele, give our office a call at (843) 536-1096.

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